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New drawings in the gallery

Drawings gallery updated   I have updated the gallery with some recent artworks. Those were created using HB to 8B pencils, fineliners by Faber-Castell – Ecco Pigment, and a bit of a charcoal in some dark areas. I had to buy another sketchbook finally, because I follow my earlier resolution to draw more and more.

Yashica Electro 35 G – pad of death repair

Film camera Yashica Electro 35 G Polish language version Beautiful design. Since the day I saw it somewhere on the internet, I couldn’t get it out of my head. Promising f/1.7 45 mm lens, rangefinder and almost automatic.There is only aperture value to set and the camera is adjusting the right exposure using the built

VILIA camera is back

Vilia camera by Belomo, the classic simplicity Three years ago I took a photo of my old 35mm film camera VILIA as one of 356 other photos in my Project 365 challenge. Few months ago I finally started to shoot with it again and that made me so happy. As I wrote then, there should

That was our painting studio

Source: That was our painting studio

Retro car ZUK

Polish old automobile ZUK, and a funny label #cars #retro #zuk #poland #street #expensive #warsaw #polska #warszawa

Stock photography earnings, 17 months

Another 17 months of selling images As I’m not publishing monthly  reports anymore it was about time to create an actual summary of what is going on in my corner. The period covered starts with the highest peak in Shutterstock (SS), from November 2012 to April 2014. The Progress line in the chart makes it

Next exercise in watercolor. Many wrong strokes

Source: Next exercise in watercolor. Many wrong strokes, yet few goals achieved , like contrast and the subject I really don’t like;) #watercolor #watercolorpainting #watercolors #art #painting #sztuka #akwarela #malarstwo #landscape #trees